Vision and Mission


Our Vision

A proactive regulator of a competitive and robust capital market.

Our Mission

To promote the development of Kenya’s capital market to be an investment destination of choice through
facilitative regulation and innovation.


Our Core Values

To fulfill its mandate, pursue the Vision and accomplish its Mission the CMA will be guided by its core values
a) Responsiveness - We are sensitive to and will deal with issues and situations affecting all our
stakeholders in proactive and timely manner, using flexible decision making processes;
b) Innovation and Continuous learning - We are committed to facilitating continuous learning and
c) Integrity – We are committed to acting at all times with honesty, fairness, accountability, transparency,
ethically and above board in all our operations;
d) Collaboration and Teamwork - We are committed to teamwork within the Authority and collaboration
with our partners in the provisions of our services;
e) Commitment - We shall perform our duties with the highest level of professionalism, dedication with
a view to exceeding the expectations of our clients and stakeholders.

Strategic Objectives

The principle objectives of the Authority are:

1. To establish a robust, facilitative policy, legal and regulatory framework for capital market development;
2. To develop and deepen the capital market products and services;
3. To promote investor education, awareness and interest in the capital markets;
4. To enhance the efficiency and integrity of the capital market infrastructure and institutional arrangements; and
5. To strengthen the institutional capacity of the CMA to effectively and efficiently deliver on its mandate.


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